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Compassionate, results-oriented mental health therapy to help you live your best life.

The constant pressures of daily life coupled with pain from the past can lead to feeling burnt out and hopeless.

I can help you RECLAIM YOUR LIFE.

Specialized therapy for trauma, anxiety, stress, ADHD, mood disorders, infertility, pregnancy & postpartum issues, and grief.

Two Dried Leaves

My Approach

I want to help you live your best life by overcoming the issues that have you feeling stuck.  I am a trauma trained therapist and believe many of us carry emotional baggage because we don't realize how it is impacting us until we are struggling to function in our daily lives.


​My therapeutic approach centers on my relationship with you and prioritizing your needs and goals for therapy.  For many, therapy is the only space they have to be vulnerable.  I honor that experience with compassion and respect.  I specialize in treatment for trauma, anxiety, stress, ADHD, mood disorders, infertility, pregnancy & postpartum issues, and grief.  I utilize methods that are research-based to provide the most effective results. 


These methods include:​

  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

  • Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

  • Somatic Based Interventions

Embarking on the journey to seek therapy can be overwhelming and intimidating, especially during times of personal difficulty.

I gravitate towards treating issues that I have a level of personal experience. This allows a deeper understanding, clinically and emotionally, of the struggles my clients are facing. My hope is to create a space where clients feel safe, connected, and understood while working to overcome their challenges.



  • Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker 

    • Washington state, District of Columbia, Florida

  • EMDR Certified Therapist

  • Perinatal Mental Health Certified Therapist

  • Advanced Training in Fertility & Assisted Reproduction

  • Master of Clinical Social Work - University of Washington​

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Purdue University


Therapy - an investment in hope, peace, and a more fulfilling life.

Initial Diagnostic Session

*Free, no commitment phone consultation provided prior to session

60 Minute Therapy Session


75 Minute EMDR Session


90 Minute EMDR Session


I am an out-of-network provider.  Sessions fees are paid upfront and I provide a receipt of services for clients to submit directly to their insurance company for reimbursement.  Most clients receive reimbursement for a significant portion of session fees.  Please contact your insurance company directly to inquire about specific plan benefits. 

I understand that therapy is an investment of your money, as well as your time, and I work to help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.  I accept a variety of payment methods including cash, credit cards, and health savings/flexible spending account cards. 

Trauma, anxiety, depression, infertility...they all make you feel like a prisoner of your emotions



You never feel safe and always feel on edge.  It's hard to sleep, work, love your family, or yourself...especially yourself.  All you want is to stop being consumed by what happened but you worry that you'll never forget...

Backed by years of research, Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing [EMDR] offers a fast, effective way to resolve issues stemming from a traumatic event, whether it occurred months or years ago, without having to reveal details of the event.​

Myths surrounding trauma - it only happens to soldiers, what I experienced wasn't that bad, it happened a long time ago, maybe I deserved it, can keep you chained to the past, separated from the joys of the present moment.  EMDR can help you process what happened so you can finally put the past behind you.


The stress in your life feels completely overwhelming.  It's hard to focus with the racing thoughts in your head.  Some days you are so incredibly sad it feels like you are moving in s-l-o-w motion.

Anxiety, stress, ADHD, and mood disorders, such as depression and bipolar disorder, can rob you from happiness and make it difficult to function.  You don't have to shoulder these burdens alone.


We can work to successfully resolve these issues in individual counseling sessions.  Utilizing treatment methods backed by science we will work together to determine the best therapeutic approach so you can begin living a life free from emotional pain.


The journey to parenthood can be unexpectedly challenging. Once you've gotten there you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, unhappy, or isolated.

It is often taken for granted how difficult it can be to start a family or care for a new child.  The available information regarding fertility, assisted reproduction, and the perinatal period can be inaccurate and confusing.

Drawing from advanced mental health and scientific training in these fields, I will work with you to identify concerns, create solution-based plans, and provide clarity through these highly emotional life experiences.


Grief and loss are universal experiences, yet it can feel like no one understands the pain it creates.

Grief and loss can extend beyond the loss of a loved one and include a number of other circumstances such as miscarriageinability to conceive, retirement, divorce, or children leaving home.

Using a caring, empathetic approach in a safe environment, we will work through the storm of complicated feelings experienced after a loss.

Let's Connect

Whether this is your first time seeking therapy or you've had prior experience, I invite you to reach out to discuss how counseling with me can benefit you in this season of your life.


(425) 365-6678

In person & Virtual

Seattle  II  Eastside  II  South End


Washington, DC  II  Florida

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